Free Printable Electoral Map United States (US)

Every 4 years in the United States, the President appoints the electoral college as required by the Constitution to appoint the President and Vice President. Electoral College, in simple words, is a community that decides who will be the next President or Vice President of the country. Each state and the District of Columbia appoint electors according to statutes described by its legislature, which is equal to the number of its congressional delegation. You can use the US electoral map to make better decisions at the time of voting. Which you will see below.

List of United States Electoral Map :

1. U.S Electoral Map:

U.S Electoral Map

2. Blank U.S Electoral Map:

Blank U.S Electoral Map

3. U.S Electoral Votes Map:

U.S Electoral Votes Map

4. U.S Electoral Map 2012:

U.S Electoral Map 2012

5. U.S Election Electoral Map :

U.S Election Electoral map

6. U.S Electoral Map 2008:

U.S Electoral Map 2008

7. America Electoral Map:

America Electoral Map

8. Printable USA Electoral Map:

Printable USA Electoral Map

9. U.S College Electoral Map:

U.S College Electoral Map

10. U.S Electoral Map 2020:

U.S Electoral Map 2020

We have defined 10 types of maps above which you can use according to your need. For your information, let us tell you that out of the current 538 voters, an absolute majority of 270 or more electoral votes are required to elect the President and Vice President. If no candidate gets an absolute majority. So a casual election is conducted by the US House of Representatives to elect the President. You can take a look at the image attached to it. Which we have defined in the name of the US electoral college map. Which can be seen on the 9th number.

Elections are held in November in the US states and the District of Columbia. From which the next best candidate will be selected. In this common citizens play an important role that whom we have to vote for. From this, it is decided who will be elected the next president or vice-president. Some state laws prohibit non-belief voters. All states except Maine and Nebraska use party block voting, or the common ticket method, to elect their voters.

If you want to get information about the past elections, then definitely see our image US Electoral Map 2012 once, by this you will get to know about the old data. In this way, we have defined 2-3 electoral maps of the USA in our list. You can find out by looking at the 4th, 6th, and 10th numbers. What was the process of elections in those days?

We have also kept a color-blank map in your list, which you can use for new figures, we have placed it in the 2nd position. Which you can see at the beginning itself. We have defined the electoral map of the united states in front of you so that you do not have any kind of confusion. This allows you to learn the areas much faster. You can apply print color to this image or even separate the area with numbers and symbols.

Our US electoral votes map will help you to increase the knowledge of your electoral college. Which area comes during the election process? This will give you a clear view of who should be representative of your field. As a responsible citizen of the country, it is not your responsibility. That you also choose the right person, who is eligible to be in that position.

You should always take the right decision keeping the country in mind. Being a citizen of the country you cannot directly participate in this process, rather you are able to take a direct decision. You have the power to choose whom you want. You can download and print all these electoral maps in the USA on your computer or smartphone without paying any payment because all these US electoral maps are printable.

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