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Like other countries, agriculture is a major industry in the United States. We all know very well that without agriculture there is no food to eat. So it is already prevalent. If you are interested in agriculture and want to know a lot about it like where farming is more and where is less. So definitely take a look at our US agriculture map. We have defined the list related to it below.

United States Agriculture Map List :

1. U.S Agriculture Map:

U.S Agriculture Map

2. U.S Agriculture Map States wise:

U.S Agriculture Map States wise

3. U.S Farmland Map:

U.S Farmland Map

4. U.S Agriculture Map 2015-2019:

U.S Agriculture Map 2015-2019

5. Agriculture Map USA :

Agriculture Map USA

6. Agriculture Map of US:

Agriculture Map of US

7. U.S Agriculture Map 2017-2021:

U.S Agriculture Map 2017-2021

8. Farmland Map USA:

Farmland Map USA

9. U.S Agriculture Map Human & Animal:

U.S Agriculture Map Human & Animal

10. U.S Farm Map:

U.S Farm Map

11. Printable U.S Agriculture Map:

Printable U.S Agriculture Map

We have shown above 11 ways USA agriculture map which you can use according to your need. For your information, let us tell you that according to the 2017 census, there were 2.04 million farms, covering an area of ​​900 million acres (1,400,000 sq mi), an average of 441 acres (178 ha) per farm. Agriculture in America is highly mechanized. Here a farmer or farm laborer is required to cover one square kilometer of farmland for agricultural production.

Agricultural activity takes place in the US state. Which is a vast expanse of flat arable land in the center of the country. West in the center of the country is the powerhouse of the United Nations farming. About one-third of the area is engaged in agriculture, including the states of Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Only one person out of a hundred takes up farming in the coastal areas as a business, even if it is a rural area. You can see all the images of the agriculture map united states related to them.

Texas is the state with the largest number of farmers in the US. Where there is a city named McMullen with a population of 707 people. Out of which 374 people are engaged in agriculture. It makes up half of the population. Maize is grown on a large scale throughout the country, hence it is known as the Corn Belt. It is one of the largest producers of crops. Here another crop grown on a large scale is the soybean crop. It is produced in the mid-western state.

After these two crops, wheat is the most grown in the United States. known as the Wheat Belt. In California, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are produced. The southern part of the Americas has been a major producer of cotton, tobacco, and rice from the beginning, but agricultural production has declined over the past century. Only Florida leads the country in citrus production and is the second largest producer of oranges in the world, behind only Brazil.

Those who want to do some research on agriculture, then once must have a look at the old past figures, which we have shown in our list at numbers 4th and 7th. With this, you can keep your suggestions in front of the people after knowing the past statistics of agriculture. We have also defined crops according to each state, which you see in the 2nd image. This will help to know in which area development is needed. To understand the need of the market and the nation, the agriculture map of USA will help.

All these American agriculture maps are absolutely free for you. You do not need to pay any kind of payment to download them. Below each image, we have put a pdf button. Which will make it easy for you to download the map. You can also take the printout through the printer. Because all these agricultural us maps are printable.

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