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Do you know what is continental? If you don’t know then stay with us. Because we are going to talk about this only. The continental United States is the region that is located in the continent of North America. In which almost all the states of the country are included. You can see the list of US continental map related to it below. which are used for various tasks.

United States Continental Map Collections :

1. U.S Continental Map:

U.S Continental Map

2. Blank US Continental Map:

Blank US Continental Map

3. U.S Continental Map with States:

U.S Continental Map with States

4. U.S Continental Topographical Map:

U.S Continental Topographical Map

5. America Continental Map :

America Continental Map

6. U.S Continental Map White & Black:

U.S Continental Map White & Black

7. U.S Continental Colored Map:

U.S Continental Colored Map

8. Printable US Continental Map:

Printable US Continental Map

9. U.S Continental Map States with Capital:

U.S Continental Map States with Capital

10. U.S Continental President Map:

U.S Continental President Map

We have shown 10 different continental map of USA in our list above according to your needs. With this, you can know how many states are included in the continental. For your information, we want to tell you that out of the 50 states of the country, 48 states are located in the south of Canada and north of Mexico. Out of all the states, one state has been kept separate. Because they are islands in the Pacific Ocean, nor is North America part of the continental.

The state of that state is Alaska which is not counted in the list of continental. It is also called Hawaii. The US Board of Geographic Names issued the following definitions with reference to the Alaska Omnibus Bill on May 14, 1959. The 49 states were included in the North American continent. You can see the image related to it on number 4th.

If you are a student, and your geography teacher has given you a project related to a continental subject, then you do not need to be confused as to how you will do it. For this, you can take the help of our continental map of US list. In which we have included all types of continental USA maps. Which you can use for your project.

Some students will be interested to know continental with states, for them we have kept 3rd image so that they can know state wise continental America map. You can use our 2nd image for your practice. Which we have taken from the special student. Which they can use for their practice.

All these continental maps of America will help you to mark the states and districts. So that you don’t get confused. For this, you can look at the image of the number 9. Which will help you understand the limits. Along with this, you will also be able to know about your neighboring states and their associated cities. The American continental map enables you to locate places and give directions. Which is very useful for your daily practical life.

It is very easy to download all these continent maps. As we have told you in many of our previous articles. To download them, you have to click on our given PDF button. Which we all have indicated at the bottom of the image. All these maps of the continental united states of America are absolutely free for you, you do not need to pay any charge for them. You can keep them printed through the printer.

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