Free Labeled And Printable United States Regions Map

People who are interested in natural features. Keeping their interest in mind, we are defining government, religion, language, forest, wildlife, and climate in front of you. The United States of America, in the geographic sense, is usually shown as a contiguous America. American territories can be divided into 5 categories according to their geographical location in the continent. Which you can see in the list of regions map of USA below.

Collection of The US Regions Map :

1. U.S Regions Map:

U.S Regions Map

2. U.S Regions Map With States:

U.S Regions Map With States

3. U.S Map Regions Labeled:

U.S Map Regions Labeled

4. America Regions Map :

America Regions Map

5. U.S Regions Map Black & White:

U.S Regions Map Black & White

6. 5 U.S Regions Map:

5 U.S Regions Map

7. Blank U.S Regions Map:

Blank U.S Regions Map

8. U.S Regions Map With All-Division:

U.S Regions Map With All Division

We have defined 8 types of maps above, which you must have seen yourself. This map shows the boundaries between countries, states and counties. Each region has a distinctive culture, history, climate, geographical features, and much more. The US region map is divided into five main regions, which you can see in our list at number 6. Area maps based on different time zones, temperatures, climates, and geographic divisions can be used for further reference. The division of the five regions is as follows:

  1. Northeast Region
  2. Southwest Region
  3. West Region
  4. Southeast Region
  5. Midwest

These 5 regions of the US are also shown in different divisions, which you can see in our list:

Short Name of State State Name Region
AL Alabama Southeast
AK Alaska West
AZ Arizona Southwest
AR Arkansas Southeast
CA California West
CO Colorado West
CT Connecticut Northeast
DE Delaware Northeast
FL Florida Southeast
GA Georgia Southeast
HI Hawaii West
ID Idaho West
IL Illinois Midwest
IN Indiana Midwest
IA Iowa Midwest
KS Kansas Midwest
KY Kentucky Southeast
LA Louisiana Southeast
ME Maine Northeast
MD Maryland Northeast
MA Massachusetts Northeast
MI Michigan Midwest
MN Minnesota Midwest
MS Mississippi Southeast
MO Missouri Midwest
MT Montana West
NE Nebraska Midwest
NV Nevada West
NH New Hampshire Northeast
NJ New Jersey Northeast
NM New Mexico Southwest
NY New York Northeast
NC North Carolina Southeast
ND North Dakota Midwest
OH Ohio Midwest
OK Oklahoma Southwest
OR Oregon West
PA Pennsylvania Northeast
RI Rhode Island Northeast
SC South Carolina Southeast
SD South Dakota Midwest
TN Tennessee Southeast
TX Texas Southwest
UT Utah West
VT Vermont Northeast
VA Virginia Southwest
WA Washington West
WV West Virginia Southwest
WI Wisconsin Midwest
WY Wyoming West

We have also added an image related to this list in our list above, which you can see in the 2nd position. Through these regions map of US, you can know the different climates of different regions- the Northeast region has a humid continental climate, and the northern region has cold summers. Snowfall during winter, as the temperature is below zero. On the other hand, the climate of the Southeast region is a humid subtropical climate with hot summers. In summer the storm can reach landfall.

The climate of the Midwest region is humid continental throughout the region. Snowfall is common in winter. The climate of the southwest region is a semi-arid plain climate in the western region with a more humid climate in the east. Some areas have a desert climate. The west region has a variety of climates including semi-arid and alpine with rocky mountain and desert climates that can be found in Nevada.

The United States of America is divided into geographic regions. These regions can help describe states that have similar characteristics such as geography, culture, and climate. Most people use five regions to describe a map of the United States territories. Including different regions, climates, subcultures, temperatures, etc. The US Census Bureau defines the US regions into 4 major regions, Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. Each state has its own time zone norms.

You can easily download all these maps on your smartphone or computer. You do not need to pay for this, all these American regions map is absolutely free for you. You have to click on the PDF button to download these images. Which is shown below every image and download that map. We have defined all the maps according to your need. Which you can use according to your need.

All these maps are printable, you can also take out the printout through the printer. These maps will be very beneficial for children and researchers. Because with the help of these 5 regions of the united states map, they will get information about geography, culture, and climate.

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